Chvrches NA Concerts Map

A map of North America titled "A Decade of Chvrches" (pronounced Churches). The map shows the locations  and number of times the band played in various cities across North America.

I created this map for fun to honor the decade anniversary of the first Chvrches show displays where and the number of times the Scottish band Chvrches has played across North America between their first show in North America in March 2013 and early July 2022.


The land and lakes data were acquired from

The Chvrches concert data came from I collected and cleaned the data from the crowdsourced site. If you are interested in acquiring the individual concert data, please contact me via email.

For full project details on how I produced this map from inception to completion, please see the detailed project notes on my GitHub:

Tools Used

  • Microsoft Excel
  • QGIS
  • Adobe Illustrator